Photo Gallery

Rare shot of me on the drums!

Me as 'Buddy'

Me at the Rock Garden in London in 1992.

Me aged 14!

Me as 'Buddy'

Writing a song in 1994!

Me At the BBC launch party for the series Ashes to Ashes - set in the 1980s

Another of me in the suit!

Me with the 'Ashes to Ashes' car.

Me in Goa Feb 2010. Here i am with my best friend Chris Correia and Guto, who plays the blues harp like no other! Chris owns a recording studio in Goa. We had just finished a little gig together in Guto's restaurant 'Fusion'.

The band 'Rare Breed' in Beeston in 1993.

Me as Buddy in a show called 'the Impressions Of The 50's' show.

Phil 'Buddy' Ball

The Phil Ball Band. The cover for the new CD.

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